Food is taste, it is above all vital energy, it is the care of us.
Cooking is meditation, joy and harmony, so that it reaches the table
the right energy.

Over the years we have hosted many HOLISTIC ACTIVITIES, courses, lessons, retreats of: Yoga, Meditation, Tibetan Bells, Dances, Martial Arts, Bioenergetics, Pilates, and much more.

But also music courses, creative writing, theater workshops …

The accommodation, the kitchen, the nature, the silence, the use of the “La Vita” room, the energy of peace that reigns everywhere, everything is suitable for hosting your business.

The possibility of hosting your work is a pleasure for us and a further opportunity for growth.

For your activities we provide “LA VITA” ROOM for exclusive use.
The 70 square meter structure is made of solid wood and a roof with trusses, built in raw stone and straw, with one side in transparent plexiglass to observe Nature and the trees outside.
Cork floor, air conditioning system, sound system, pillows, yoga mats and blankets.