Your holistic activities

Over the years we have hosted many HOLISTIC ACTIVITIES, courses, lessons, retreats of: Yoga, Meditation, Tibetan Bells, Dances, Martial Arts, Bioenergetics, Pilates, and much more.

But also music courses, creative writing, theater workshops …

The accommodation, the kitchen, the nature, the silence, the use of the “La Vita” room, the energy of peace that reigns everywhere, everything is suitable for hosting your business.

The possibility of hosting your work is a pleasure for us and a further opportunity for growth.

For your activities we provide “LA VITA” ROOM for exclusive use.
The 70 square meter structure is made of solid wood and a roof with trusses, built in raw stone and straw, with one side in transparent plexiglass to observe Nature and the trees outside.
Cork floor, air conditioning system, sound system, pillows, yoga mats and blankets.


There are some personal growth paths that each of us has cultivated over the years, and that
we would be happy to share with you

  • Various types of MASSAGES and Treatments: Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Foot Reflexology
  • Hatha and Kundalini YOGA (group lessons during the week or private on request)
  • Experience of gentle activation of the body and senses in nature (min.2 people, on request)
  • Circles of Dance in Nature (for small groups, on request)


We were one of the founding members of the Social Farms, we hosted the “Piccoli Passi” kindergarten in the woods for several years.

We have been organizing creative play activities for children and creative babysitting for years.
While you do your holistic activities, or eat with us on Sundays for lunch, you could leave your kids busy with us!


terra di Pace is also agriculture, it is nature, it is the animals that live with us.
We offer you an ACTIVITY of knowledge of the OLIVE TREE and OIL: a walk around the property to learn about this ancient and sacred plant, its characteristics, pruning, olive harvesting, followed by a mini tasting course of the ‘olive oil.

We love animals and their presence comforts us, cheers us up, makes us calmer.
We have donkeys, chickens, turkeys, dogs and cats, many free birds and their song in the air. You too can enjoy their presence by simply walking around the property, giving them some attention, playing with them …
And if you want to take your pet with you on vacation we will be very happy to host it too, in your room and free to move around the farm.


Especially on summer nights, we love to give space to MUSIC.
We have hosted many artists of various musical genres: folk, swing, jazz, electro folk, songwriting.
“Ah what nights those nights” at Terra di Pace!


  • The swimming pool surrounded by our pines
  • The garden in the shade of the pine trees and the hammocks
  • II outdoor games for children
  • The picnic area with barbecue
  • Free wi-fi