Nothing comes from diamonds,
flowers are born from manure
(Fabrizio de André)

A corner of paradise

Immersed in the rich and generous Sicilian nature, among olive, citrus, carob and pine trees.
A corner of greenery and silence, the view that opens onto Noto, the surrounding hills and the sea in the distance.
The opportunity to enjoy moments of true peace, surrounded by the energy of ancient times made of
simplicity and authenticity.
For us welcoming you to Terra di Pace means letting you be part of our home, a place where you can meet and share experiences, with respect for the environment and in contact with nature.
A few km from us you can visit the beautiful baroque Noto, white beaches, the unpolluted sea of the Vendicari Natural Reserve and the hidden paths preserved like a treasure chest within the Val di Noto.

our history

Terra di Pace was born in 1989 from the will of Vincenzo and his family as a community project, based on the values of peace and fair living, in contact with nature, built stone by stone in the Neto countryside, with 6.5 hectares of citrus and olive groves.

Over the years, the community project gradually transforms itself into hospitality, officially becoming an Agriturismo in 2000.

The initial intent remains to do research, in various possible directions: through various holistic activities that we host, with nature and agriculture, in contact with animals, in the cultural and musical sphere, in the exchange with the travelers who arrive here, and that we welcome without formalism, with the warmth of a smile, trying to live with them dynamic and enriching experiences for everyone.